Change our selves or wait and be “fixed”?

Becoming Better People: Ownership of Our Daily Process and its Direction. Change our selves or wait and be “fixed”?

Each moment of the day holds an opportunity to consider ourselves potent and progressive.  So, do we perceive ourselves being our best when listening to our thoughts?

When we wake up in the morning are our thoughts about appreciation for waking up to a new day?

Do we perceive ourselves to be able-minded and mobile?

Do think of appreciation towards ourselves, partners, parents or children for being sheltered and sustained?

What is the framework that we use to think about people in our lives that care about us or people that we care about?

How was our thinking framework created?

Unless a specific situation arises comes to our mind, we aren’t starting our day with positive thoughts. Why don’t we have a belief system that relies on positive thoughts?

We’ve been taught to blame. We’ve been taught to be defensive and make excuses for not reaching our goals or expectations.

Then we sit in our unhappiness wanting everything or everyone around us to “fix” us.

If we charted how many times a day we blamed something outside ourselves for something that went ‘wrong’, it would be in the hundreds.

We blame the alarm for waking us up when we are still tired. We blame the cold or heat for being cranky; we blame our loved ones for not understanding us and not excusing our “bad behavior”.

Life would be great, if only…

Why is it that we aren’t happy to just “be…”?

Is it pre-destined?  No, Change is our responsibility.

Positivity is our gift.

As conscientious human beings, searching for groundedness and the ability to maintain balance in our day, we owe each other and ourselves the action of training our minds to be positive. Thereby initiating change one mind and good feeling at a time.

First thoughts are usually about the alarm going off and not being ready to get out of bed or about the “to do” list that didn’t get done from the day before or maybe having to do things today that you don’t want to do at all.

When we change thoughts from negative observations or suggestions to a positive outlook, we change the energy of who we are in the moment.

We were trained by our environment to expect the worst and protect our selves. Rather, it is up to us to learn how to think in a positive manner and harness our energy to create positive daily outcomes.

We walk around thinking things around us need to be fixed or the people in our lives need to be fixed. Nothing needs to be fixed. We just need to be aware of how we perceive,  judge and expect the world to be and look at each moment and action in a different way, in a positive way.  We need to take responsibility for what we do to our selves and change our belief that others should be held responsible for what befalls us.

Each of us can be held accountable for changing our environment, the people in our lives and our world, into something better.

Reframe your life: Think, Feel and Act Your Best.

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Add Grace to your Life with Optimism
Posted on January 16, 2012 by admin

We can all use a “pick me up” during the day. Make yours powerful with positive words and then positive actions are an easyfollow through.

Consider that we are made up of energy and water. If our energy is constantly being injected with positivity then we can always experience the rewards of any and all life events. We can eliminate our self imposed dramas and be our own hero; defining our opportunity for growth and then creating a solution which moves us forward in a successful manner.

All communication is powerful. The most impactful communication we can have is the dialogue with our higher consciousness.  We can limit the “voice” that taunts, depicting our liabilities.  However, if we commit to focusing on our belief of self confidence and satisfaction then we would be doubly rewarded with quantifiable success and with the awareness that every moment reveals a gift, an opportunity to learn how to better ourselves.

Maintaining a perspective in optimism will highlight gifts that are your innate abilities. Enjoy being you and being the best at it!