Become a Certified Hypnotist: A Mind, Body and Spiritual Calling

Choosing a path which teaches how to create a foundation for an enriched life style is a personal gift as well as an act of sharing. 

Learning the power of the mind framework is an education that initiates a discovery of core truths, beliefs and behavior patterns.  Revealing the difference between what people do habitually and acting from consciousness is the beginning of whole health; mind, body and spirit. 

Hypnosis focuses on innate skills which are normally unvalued and infrequently used.

The more familiar a belief is in the mind, the easier it is to access a behavior. The difference between chronic behavior and purposeful action is "free will".  Understanding the power of the mind  results in accessing "Free Will" more consistently.

Free will is the quickest, most efficient and dependable path to choose being our best for lasting fulfillment. 

Learning tools to be a certified hypnotist and/or perfecting a practice of self hypnosis, is a transformational journey both individually and professionally. This endeavor will be fun, engaging, healing, empowering and hold a full spectrum of creative possibilities for improving your self worth and your financial security. 

 You will learn how to connect to the true essence of who you are,  grow your listening skills, enhance communication skills and develop your intuitive nature. Gaining the proficency of these skills assist your work with others and model a continually expanding desire to become the best version of self.  Being empowered is relying on oneself for approval, acceptance and an array of good feelings which ultimately provide for a self satisfaction.  Every aspect of personal/inner growth and our willingness to be consciously awareness regardless of the circumstances will equip us with the groundwork for manifesting career, relationship, parenting, and other unique goals.

When studying the tools of hypnosis you will discover your higher consciousness and understand personal power more fully which will always illuminate your aptitude to navigate the world successfully. 

The practice of self hypnosis as a life style is a path to selecting a postive prospective, identify your life’s purpose and validate your self worth.

Private tutoring can be facilitated featuring a customized Hypnosis Certification Course. 

Group Hypnotist Courses are scheduled twice a year. 



This Unique Curriculum for Hypnotist Certification Features:


Self Acceptance Training 

 S. A. T.  A somatic modality of learning mind, body, spirit connections and exercises which will provide a channel for held energy to be released and eliminated for healing. Releasing old thoughts and behaviors will create space to build new belief systems for balance and well being.

Emotional Freedom Technique – A system of tapping on the body’s acupuncture points in combination with verbalizing a series of specific phrases  

  ThetaHealing®   The science of thoughts,                      


 Commonly asked questions:


  • What is hypnosis?
  • What is the difference between hypnosis and self - hypnosis?
  • How to choose from a variety of methods to successfully hypnotize someone?
  • What does it mean to De-mystify hypnosis for easy teaching?
  • Why it works and who will be your best client ?
  • Explore topics of personal interest for hypnosis success. Examples are: Fears;flying, public speaking. Goal setting: changing and eliminating unwanted behavioral patterns; mood swings, smoking, drinking, unhealthy food consumption.
  • learn to create and customize scripts for personalized sessions
  • Realize your unique talents for words, expression and observation
  • How to Recognize body language and the opportunities for healing


 Business Tools for Growing Your Business

  • Develop marketing plans to create and sustain your hypnosis practice
  • Learn how to develop and present hypnosis course curriculum and class series
  • Discover how to maximize social media to promote your business