Self Acceptance Training


Self acceptance allows us to experience who we are in any given moment without judging ourselves, having expectations of a particular outcome or fear of criticism by others. Self acceptance gives permission to just “be” in the energy that your body is feeling and then permits your conscious mind to reflect and then state the feeling truthfully.

As we grow and develop, we learn behaviors that keep us safe or make us believe that we will be accepted. These attitudes quickly become our opinions and actions. We judge that they protect us from being vulnerable yet inevitably these acquired behaviors prevent us from knowing what we want in life and what actually “feels” good.

Reactive, disingenuous and habitual behaviors inhibit us from feeling our joy and appreciating the unique gift in each situation. Reacting rather than responding to an event thwarts us from achieving fulfillment of our desires. Our perceptions are not reality based and cloud our ability to properly access a situation for the optimum outcome. When we take responsibility for our actions and respond to an exchange with integrity, we make ourselves happy. We enable ourselves to resolve that set of circumstances without taking it personally.Understanding that we have free will allows us to open our inner eye and see our choices for what they are. It is important to understand that each of us has the choice to see limitless opportunities and accomplish what we want.

Through Self Acceptance Training it is possible to create productive and proactive perceptions resulting in joyfulness rather than suffering. The tools of Self Acceptance facilitate:

  • Trusting in oneself and the ability to be grounded and balanced in all life events.
  • Improve Relationships: Imagine communicating with others in a clear, honest and meaningful manner without emotional reactivity or attachment to the outcome.
  • Set life Goals: Feel and easily distinguish between a good feeling and an uncomfortable feeling and then act upon the good feeling.Accomplish Life Goals: Learn how to be grounded and balanced when life situations are challenging.
  • Evolve and Transformation: Be joyful, say yes when you mean yes. Say no without guilt.
  • Self Acceptance Training uses tools from visualization, bioenergetics, eidetic imagery, role-playing and hypnosis.

Breath Work: Learn how to bring air into your body in a full and satisfying way. Breath Work assists in grounding and balancing energy.