Emotional Freedom Technique - Tapping

Finger tapping on the face and body in combination with recited limiting beliefs releases held energy. Created by Gary Craig, EFT is a process which allows for new and positive behaviors by eliminating negative emotions and mental attachments. 

Reframe Your Life - Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT

Tapping: Inducing a vibration within the body and creating a sequence of words that allows for a negative pattern/thinking or action to be replaced by a positive belief system.

Step 1

Breathe and allow your body’s energy to settle.

Feel your spine and the weight of your body balanced.

Notice your posture and the placement of your feet.

Step 2

Determine a negative belief, action or feeling you want to transform.

Create a clear and focused statement that describes this negativity

Gauge this negativity from 1-10. 10 is the highest score for how painful or intense you feel this statement.

Step 3

Choose one of the following statements and repeat it 3 times.

Even though I feel____________________________________________________

____________________________________________..... I love and appreciate who I am in this moment and I am okay.

Even though I act out by  _________________________________

____________________________________________..... I love and appreciate who I am in this moment and I am okay.

Even though I am ____________________________________________

____________________________________________..... I love and appreciate who I am in this moment and I am okay.

Step 4

Use your primary hand, taking your index finger and middle finger and tap the karate chop area on the other. When saying the sequence of words, rate your emotional response to the statement (from low to high intensity) before and after tapping your fingers on the edge of your palm. (commonly referred to as “karate chop”)

Step 5

Tapping Sequence: listening to the sound of fingers on bone creates a vibration that moves through your body.

Eyes may be open until you feel comfortable and then with eyes closed and speaking out loud, repeat the “even  though... I love and appreciate...” statement. Simultaneously using your primary hand tap with your index and middle fingers at least 10 times:

1) slightly above eyebrow

2) by temple, along side eye

3) under eye on cheekbone

4) under nose in the middle between lips and nose

5) tip of chin

6) an inch or two under the middle of collarbone

7) at edge of palm

Step 6

Place your hands by your side. Close your eyes, breathe and feel a full and deep body breath:

• roll eyes up to the top of the forehead

• roll eyes to comfortable normal position

• open eyes

• roll open eyes to right

• roll open eyes to left

• roll in circle to the right

• roll in circle to the left

• hum a song

• count to 5

• hum a song louder

• using primary hand, index and middle finger, tap on the karate chop area of the other hand

Repeat only the negative statement and rate your response.

Continue this exercise until you experience a significant reduction or elimination of negative response.