Health Products For a Healthy Lifestyle

Over the years, I have relied on the two product lines listed below. It is part of my personal mission to pass on information, tools and products that I believe have established efficacy. Please peruse these sites and contact me with any questions concerning the application and pricing. My reward is the knowledge that I am able to bring comfort and satisfaction to people in my life. These products are offered as a  convenience.

YOUNG LIVING | View Website

Young living is an international essential oils company that I have been using personally for over 10 years. I was introduced to the dental hygiene products and the gum issues which were said to be permanent, were eliminated in a couple of months. I continue to use these products. However, at the time I never realized that the product line was so extensive or oriented towards a mind, body, spirit well being.

An impressive experience with a woman visiting from Malaysia enriched my scope of what essential oils can assist on an energetic plane and how easy it is to coordinate a specific oil to a specific body/mind symptom.

I have incorporated these oils and their benefits into my life and the lives of clients for over 5 years.

NIKKEN | View Website

Nikken is an international company of modern technology that contributes to the wellness of people in their environments, both in the home and globally.

It took 5 years of having several people close to me recite the benefits of Nikken products in order for me to finally purchase them in 1998. And it was on a dare!  I never imagined how my life would change using these products. My discomfort from an auto-immune disease was drastically reduced and in some instances the troubling symptoms have been eliminated.

I started my Nikken relationship with the purchase of the sleep system and over the years I have been very pleased to experience and continue my usage of their expansive line which includes magnetic, far infared therapies, water filter products, nutritionals and the skin care.  Each and every product, whether large or small, has been carefully researched and tested to stand up to the high expectations of the company, the distributors and customers.