My goal is to assist people with distinguishing and maintaining their good feelings. Automatic, negative feelings and behaviors distance us from the person we are meant to be. Together we will meet your best version of self by identifying goals and working toward your personal commitments.

Since experiencing the benefits of my own personal growth, through the studies and practice of self-discovery modalities, I pursued a life and career in the educational healing profession. I believe that to be the best you can be, you must aspire to share the best of who you are with others. I have found fulfillment and inspiration in the work and effort of being in partnership with others on their personal journey.

 My teenage recollection of seeking inner peace began by practicing yoga and meditation.

As I got older, the desire to find a lasting state of calm lead me to participate in many workshops and sessions which taught self actualized healing tools. From the Shamanic healer Michael Harner to therapist/author/storyteller, Clarissa Estes Pinkola,  I worked actively on my process to expand my toolbox of healing modalities.  After realizing that I did not fit the corporate world silhouette, I found work in fields that complemented my passion for working with people that were on the quest to become more authentic and personally fulfilled.  Healthy communication will allow us to see the world differently and interact in a balanced manner.  Working with Richard Corriere, the author of Life Zones brought clarity to my understanding of how important it is to take responsibility for my words and the feelings and reality they create.

 After marriage and motherhood, I continued to journey for the ultimate sense of relief in “inner peace” and as kismet will have it, I was introduced to Self Acceptance Training with Cherie McCoy.  Cherie being the protégé of Dick Olney, the originator of Self Acceptance Training (S.A.T.), teaches the importance of tools that identify our good feelings and how to embrace them and our true sense of self.  Our body always reflects expressions of energy and when we allow them, they can then be released.  

Self Acceptance Training did more than teach me to accept and embrace my true self; it inspired me to professionally stand by my life’s passions.  S.A.T. was the diving board for exploration of Reiki, Hypnosis, Soma Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Thetahealing,  Brain Gym, Personality Assessment and Stress Reduction.

Had I not been on this path of self-discovery, I may have missed the introspective understanding for the need to feed my soul and nurture my spirituality.

As the saying goes, when the student is ready the teacher will appear! Welcome to the Kabbalah Centre International.  With the guidance of my teachers and the mission of the Centre to remove pain and chaos from the world, I have discovered a variety of tools that define guidelines for human dignity and attaining inner and global peace. Supporting causes and organizations that reflect my values and encourage community are important to me and I have volunteered with the Kabbalah Centre as well as with senior and children’s educational organizations for years. One program I support is the Spirituality for Kids Program.

 I am originally from NY, where I completed my undergraduate work and I went to graduate school in Boulder CO for parapsychology. I have also lived in Israel, Hawaii, Florida, and Georgia and have been in the Chicago land area for last 18 years. I am appreciative to wake up every day and joyfully take each one of my responsibilities to heart.